Why Mobile Grooming May Be Right for Your Maplewood or South Orange PetIf you own an adorable labradoodle with all that curly hair who needs a trim every five to six weeks or a sleek golden retriever who’s often in need of a bath, you’re more than familiar with the need for a pet groomer in the Maplewood and South Orange area who can professionally groom and clean your beloved four-legged family member. But finding a great groomer isn’t as easy as picking up the phone. They’re often booked weeks in advance and they don’t always send Fido home with the look you were hoping for. Or you may have a pet who’s anxious to get in the car or who’s afraid to be around other animals.

Mobile pet groomer to the rescue!

Here’s where a mobile pet groomer comes to the rescue. This pet groomer on wheels literally pulls up in front of your house so you and your pet only have a few short steps to a cleaner and perfectly coiffed look. Kim Vandewater of Pet Rover in Maplewood is one such mobile pet groomer and explains why this service can be a lifesaver. “Many of us care about our pets as we care about our children, and many dogs get quite stressed out by the entire grooming process,” she says. “Mobile grooming reduces and minimizes many of those stress points, and dog parents are willing to explore this option in hopes of creating a better overall experience for their pets.”

Mobile grooming is especially beneficial to senior dogs that have difficulty traveling or standing, young pups who are new to the grooming “scene,” and dogs that prefer not to be around other dogs. “I consider my biggest accomplishment and compliment to be when a dog parent comments as to how happy their pup is after their groom.” Vandewater says. “I strive to provide the best haircut possible, but the experience is paramount to me—and my customers embrace that philosophy.”

Here are 5 benefits of mobile pet grooming:

  1. Less Stress. A mobile pet groomer arrives at your doorstep, thus eliminating any separation anxiety or any possible stress related to a car ride to/from their appointment. They will never be caged or surrounded by other dogs (unless they choose to have a loved one with them!), which can typically create a stressful situation. “From the moment your pet enters our Pet Rover spa, they will be greeted with the calming aroma of diffused oils, which help to create a relaxed environment,” Vandewater says. “They will receive our undivided one-on-one attention in a safe and clean environment. Our goal is to return to you a happy, beautifully groomed and relaxed companion.”
  1. Convenience. The grooming van arrives right to your doorstep, whether it is your home, your workplace, or wherever you happen to be visiting at the time. No wasted time traveling back and forth to a grooming salon. In fact with pre-made arrangements, you do not even have to be home at all.

“Everyone’s time is extremely valuable, and mobile grooming is not only convenient for the dog parent, but for the dog as well,” adds Vandewater. “I have several clients whose dogs I groom yet I never see the parent! They simply leave me access to the house and I can groom their pup while they are away, eliminating their need to drive back and forth to a salon. This is also great for the dog, as he/she never has to leave their property, never has to be crated before or after their appointment, has my one-on-one attention with no other distractions—and gets homemade chicken jerky treats during their “spa treatment”!”

  1. Efficiency. With a mobile pet groomer, there is no more wasted time wondering or waiting for your pet’s grooming to be completed. Vandewater’s typical appointments may last from one to two hours, at which point your pet is escorted safely back home feeling, looking, and smelling fantastic.
  1. Cleanliness. Your pet will receive individual care and attention, thus eliminating the risk of being exposed to other dogs with possible infectious diseases or parasites. “At Pet Rover, we clean and disinfect after every appointment,” Vandewater says. “We use all-natural biodegradable products that are safe to our clients and our environment.”
  1. Safety. Pet Rover groomers are American Red Cross certified in pet first aid and CPR. So you never have to worry about the safety of your beloved pet.

BONUS TIP: Special Perks. And yes, pets love the homemade chicken jerky treats!