Can you go a week without single use plastic? Take the SO Not Plastic challenge September 4 – 11, 2017 to find out. Sponsored by the South Orange Green Team and the Environmental Commission, this challenge is designed to stop the use of plastic for 7 days. Or even longer! The goal is to make everyone aware of how pervasive plastic is in our lives.


Whats the Challenge? During Back-To-School week, see if you can go without using plastic bags, water bottles, straws, styrofoam cups and takeout containers, etc in your home and at work. Our habit of using single use plastic products every day is leading to explosive plastic pollution. It is estimated that each man, woman and child in America uses 360 plastic bags each year. These single-use plastic items take hundreds of years to degrade. As plastics break down, toxic substances leach into the soil and waterways and enter the food chain, leading to long-term adverse health effects. So, replace the plastic items you use every day with alternative products when possible, avoid them when there isn’t an alternative, and adopt more sustainable habits every day.


Take the SO Not Plastic pledge, watch this video for more things you can do, and post photos on the SO Not Plastic Facebook page.


If you have questions or want to become involved in the campaign with the South Orange Environmental Commission, contact Patricia Canning at [email protected] or Walter Clarke at [email protected].


Make South Orange a Not Plastic town!




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