Why A Real Estate Agent Should Be Your First Focus When Buying A HomeHome buyers often have several questions when beginning their search. However, the excitement of home shopping often leads to internet searches of homes for sale, creating even more questions to be answered. Questions pertaining to financing, the purchase process, contracts of sale, seller disclosures and price flexibility can seem overwhelming and may even result in a huge amount of stress without the proper guidance. Although this may seem a bit scary, having a real estate agent available prior to taking these steps will provide you with the sense of relief that is needed during what should be a memorable experience. In fact, real estate agents should be the first focus when buying a home for countless reasons.

They know which area/towns will work for you – A good real estate agent understands your confusion and inexperience in the home buying process and will even be able to answer your questions before you are able to think of them. Since the agent‘s role is to help walk you through the process and find you a good home, finding them before your search begins will give them a chance to understand your unique needs and desires in your new home. While this may seem trivial to first time home buyers, a real estate agent’s knowledge of the best mix of price, transportation, schools, and lifestyle amenities for your budget exceeds the results that any online search will offer. While an agent usually knows the market best, Money-Zine provides a great list of reasons why location should be considered when buying a home.

They can save you time by recommending the best homes to see – Although websites like Zillow provide us with an easy way to view a home that is for sale, there are quite a few things that these websites do not provide. Information such as a high traffic street, small bedrooms, no backyard, or even the smell of a specific house may be excluded from these websites. A good realtor knows the homes in each area well and will be able to point out which are a waste of time.

They know the market – Real estate agents also know the market which means they are able to advise on comparable homes in the area as well as market activity. This is important to making a successful offer based on real estate data that may not be available online. Furthermore, an agent’s knowledge of the market will help them to better assist you package a more competitive and appealing offer to sellers in today’s market.

They use their experience and connections – While agents are experienced in the home buying process, a good agent knows when to admit that something may be out of their league. An even better agent however, will make a recommendation to connect you with an expert in that area. Several topics such as a mortgage, attorney, home inspector, and contractors require expert advice. Experienced agents will connect home buyers with these individuals in order to ensure that questions are answered accurately and efficiently.

They focus on the details of the transaction – The real estate agent is like a conductor of an orchestra for the entire home buying process. While keeping the wheels in motion, the agent ensures that all parties, buyers, sellers, attorneys, inspectors, appraisers, and lenders are managed and timetables are met with all transactions completed on time. Bankrate provides a list of helpful information about buying a home which demonstrates the amount of work that actually goes into the entire process. The agent’s purpose is to relieve as much stress for you, the homebuyer, as possible by guaranteeing that the transaction closes on time with all parties’ involvement complete.

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