Some people think being a New Jersey-based real estate agent is an easy way to make lots of money while keeping a flexible schedule. Think again! To be successful as a real estate agent you need to cultivate a varied skill set including marketing, construction and design, economics, negotiating, project management, accounting, human resources and psychology. (Believe me some days my skills as a crack psychologist are critically important:)

You have to have the grit and confidence to work on a purely commission basis. Plus, you need the knowledge and integrity to be an expert advisor to your clients. Most real estate agents work long and sometimes unpredictable hours to deliver a high level of service for their clients who they care deeply about. 

A service-oriented agent does much more than open doors and smile at open house visitors. Here are 10 things that great agents regularly do that might surprise you. 

  1. Touring all available properties in various towns to monitor existing inventory.
  2. Reviewing market data and connecting with buyers, sellers and other agents to maintain a  constant view of what’s driving the market. 
  3. Assessing the condition of a property to anticipate issues on a home inspection based on past experience.
  4. Recommending other vetted service providers and professionals such as movers, contractors, attorneys, landscapers, inspectors etc.
  5. Researching property tax information and permit history and collect important documents such as surveys, repair records and warranties.
  6. Understanding the clients interest in investment, risk and monetary return. 
  7. Understanding the clients personal motivations and circumstances surrounding a purchase or sale.
  8. Making sure a property is showing ready if a client is out of town including ensuring lights are turned on, blinds open and temperature is optimal.
  9. Offering perspective on the pros and cons of a property to a buyer and any offers received on a property for a seller.
  10. Planning and maintaining a communication schedule with clients so that they understand the status of their transaction at all times.

In reality, we have a checklist of up to 90 items on our standard “transaction checklist” that encompasses all we do with a client from beginning to end. With the number of moving pieces on any real estate transaction, this is how we are able to repeatedly deliver a seamless, luxury experience to our clients. 

Do you have a real estate question on your mind? Do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]. There’s nothing more exciting for me than SOMA real estate and I’d be happy to share my expertise with you.

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