The South Orange Jitney: Everything You Need To KnowSouth Orange, a township in Essex County, New Jersey, provides an easy, accessible transportation option to and from the South Orange Train Station. These convenient shuttles arose from a shortage of parking at and around the train station, causing headaches for commuters. Since South Orange is designated as a “transit village,” it has access to transportation grant money. Luckily these little shuttles started their engines in 2002 after the village applied and received a “Community Shuttle Grant” from New Jersey Transit.

The jitney makes the train station accessible to all homes in S. Orange, even if they aren’t within walking distance of the train. Not only does the jitney offer 4 convenient routes through Newstead, Tuxedo/Montrose, Irving/Academy, and Audley/Wyoming/Vose, but also comes at affordable prices that commuters love. This low-cost shuttle costs just $1 one-way (exact change, please) or $10 for 10 trips  through a Ten Trip Ticket Booklet. Or if you’re a daily commuter, there’s a yearly pass for $150.

After you check out the shuttle’s schedules to and from the train station, consider visiting some of South Orange’s charming sights along the way:

  • South Orange Village Center
    Right at the heart of South Orange lies an area of bustling action. Here you’ll discover boutiques, shops, restaurants, and more. Check out the Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant, Essex County’s only brew-pub that offers an assortment of hand-crafted ales and lagers along with fresh, homemade food. If you still have room for dessert, the Cold Stone Creamery offers a delicious and decadent menu of the finest ice cream around!
  • South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC)
    Near the train station you’ll find this center of inspiration and culture. SOPAC offers theater, music, dance, and experiences you’ll never forget. Partnered with the Arts Council of Seton Hall, Juilliard School of Music, and local artists, the performing arts center attracts visitors of all ages with its array of exciting performances.
  • Seton Hall University
    Since 1856, this university has garnered prestige and notoriety by being one of the leading Catholic universities in the nation. Home to over 10,000 students with 90 majors to choose from, this university bursts with intelligence and enthusiasm. Don’t miss your chance to walk along the 54-acre campus right in South Orange.

Now that you know what sights and sounds will greet you on your jitney toward the South Orange train station, let’s look at how you’ll benefit:

  • Second Car
    By hopping on a jitney, you won’t need another car. The convenience of the shuttle allows people to get to work without driving. Plus you’ll be saving a ton of money by not purchasing a vehicle!
  • Eco-friendly
    Paired with New Jersey’s many environmental organizations, the inclusion of a local shuttle minimizes harmful pollution by decreasing the number of vehicles on the road. Therefore, by riding on a jitney you’ll be doing the environment a favor.
  • Socialize
    By sitting on a local shuttle each day, you’re bound to make friends. These people are most likely your neighbors, which adds to the fun. Don’t be afraid to start up a conversation, which can make the ride a little more enjoyable.
  • No hassles or headaches
    This affordably convenient transportation option should minimize stress overall since you won’t have to worry about parking or expensive passes. Plus, you’ll be able to read a book or listen to music on your daily commute so your day can start off on the right foot.

Now you know how the South Orange jitney provides an easy solution to your commuting concerns. This low-cost shuttle transports people along four routes that suit everyone’s needs. Go get a Jitney Pass Card today!