Brooke J.

Stop reading reviews and call her. That would be best. But if you’d like additional convincing, here goes! We met Ginge on our first trip to the West/South Orange area from Brooklyn. We had no real knowledge of the area other than hearing good things and seeing prices of homes we could actually afford. We were those Brooklynites holding on to the brownstone dream that was a bit (lot of bit) out of our reach so when we met Ginge weren’t exactly excited to be looking in New Jersey. We found a house on Zillow we wanted to check out, Ginge was the listing agent. Within the first hour of hour of meeting her, we started to get excited about possibly building our lives in this not Brooklyn town. Ginge showed us the house we contacted her about and she showed up prepared with a handful of additional homes. Not only did she take us to beautiful areas we couldn’t deny but she shared her personal experience of moving from the city to Jersey. A few hours later we had gained a real estate agent we were extremely excited about, and a new friend. Shortly thereafter we found our home. Unfortunately we ran into nightmare-ish issues, 100% on our part, with our lender. If there is an award for longest closing ever – we win. Ginge could have dropped us and sprinted in the opposite direction screaming “I told you so” on numerous occasions. But she never did. She wiped our tears, held our hand, supported our choices and fought for us until we crossed the finish line. And even after we, unintentionally, put her through all that – she remains our cheerleader, and good friend. We are truly blessed to have her in our lives. Ginge is an honest, witty and kind, well prepared, very organized, completely on top of it, make you feel like you’re her one and only client, wonderful person. Call her.

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