Alex W.

After renting for almost 20 years we decided to leave NYC and head west to the burbs.

Buying our first home was daunting and scary and we had no idea what we were doing. Every realtor we met with spoke like this was our third or fourth house. Shrugging off my questions, glossing over the process and casually using words I’ve never heard before.

Then we met Ginge. And at our first meeting she was able to explain the entire process of buying a house; start to finish this is what you can expect. She had a way of making the complicated simple. I never felt like she was talking down to us. The opposite really—it felt like she was on our team.

Fast forward a few months to an accepted offer on a house and Ginge goes into business mode. What was just fun and dreamy shopping quickly turns into the largest financial negotiation we’ve ever made. She was there at every step. Answered every text, every phone call. Followed our lead when we knew what we wanted and advised us when we didn’t. She was instrumental in negotiating a great deal on a beautiful new home.

We’ve now been in our house for about 5 months and she’s still answering questions we have as home owners. She’s an incredible resource. I highly recommend her and everyone at AZ.

Thanks Ginge!

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