Is your home a Kincade?Do you love your home?

What do you like best about your home in the Maplewood, Millburn/Short Hills and South Orange area?  Does your home bring a smile to your heart?  Or do you see a big list of project ahead of you? Which room of your home is your favorite or do you prefer your backyard?

What about your home would you change if money were no object?  What DIY projects do you have planned for July?  Will you be having guests over to your home for some celebrating this summer?

My kitchen and home office are the most heavily used spots in my home. Whether grabbing a bite to eat or doing homework or surfing the web, these two areas seem to constantly be flowing with activity.  My master bathroom, on the other hand, is our next big project. I know that his will not only help make our house more of a haven but will add value to our home as well.

If you would like tips on sprucing up your home for summer or are thinking about moving to a new home or selling your current home, let’s touch base and see how I can help you.  As a local expert on real estate, I have some great people resources and ideas gained from the other homes I’ve listed in your neighborhood.  I may have even sold or shown a home with many similar features!  Working together, I can help you recognize your home’s value  so you can love it a little more – let’s connect!