This month our Local Love feature is on Erin’s Facesthe PETA Certified Cruelty-Free mineral makeup and organic/vegan skincare line from NYC makeup artist, Erin Williams of Maplewood, NJ.



Erin’s Faces


On Instagram: @erinsfaces


Erin's FacesOriginally from Texas, Erin moved to New York City to pursue a career in makeup artistry. When she arrived in NYC, she worked with various cosmetic and skincare lines at places like Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel’s and Barney’s New York. After some time she moved away from the cosmetic counters and went down the editorial path. With a background in makeup, she got to learn from the best while on set at The Today Show, QVC, and Project Runway and at fancy magazine and editorial shoots. But she did miss the cosmetic counter and helping the average woman solve problems. Erin told me she “missed educating and empowering women.”


So she decided to teach makeup classes in Manhattan, and while teaching, the idea emerged to create her own line. Erin’s Faces was born. Erin’s Faces began with a foundation brush and quickly evolved over nine months to become a full-fledged makeup and skincare line. Her line is PETA Certified Cruelty-Free, wears beautifully and isn’t loaded with tons of chemicals that can mess with your body. Erin says, “Erin’s Faces is a healthy makeup and skincare company.”


Today, her makeup line consists of all products except mascara. She hasn’t come up with a mascara yet that she would recommend to her customers. And her skincare line is only lacking an acne treatment. Her products are mostly targeted to women ages 20+. I asked her if she has any favorite products from her line, and she does! Her most favorite product is Erin’s Faces Clarifying Serum. This serum controls breakouts, hydrates, lifts and firms. Her second favorite product is Erin’s Faces Sunscreen. It is SPF 30, clean, lightweight and moisturizes. “Using sunscreen is the #1 anti-aging thing you can do for your face” says Erin. Her third favorite product is Erin’s Faces Organic Lip Balm. Erin tells me her lip balm has all the “slippery, goopy goodness” that petroleum based products have, and it is organic.


Erin says her business is growing rapidly. She has four employees and will soon be adding a fifth. Most of her sales are done online, but she does have some of her products in Renew, a new store in Maplewood Village.


Erin’s mission for Erin’s Faces is to empower and educate women. She “just happens to do it with moisturizer and lip balm.” She wants to help women feel confident and not be hung up on their insecurities. She wants all women to be able to answer these questions for themselves: “What is your expression of beauty? What is authentic to you?” Her wish is for women to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. Her goal is to provide a line that would be the gateway to helping them achieve that confidence.












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