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Selling your home is a huge decision both financially and emotionally. For us, the realtor/client relationship is like a team. We have to trust and, hopefully, like each other in order to work together to get the job done well. Because most of our business comes from personal referrals, we take each client’s transaction very seriously. Our end goal is to help guide you through the process while maximizing your net profit from the sale.

The first step is to meet you at your home. First, we listen carefully to you so that we can understand what your time frame and objectives are. Then we tour your home and you can relay any information on upgrades and special features. Once we understand your home’s selling points we can communicate these to the buyers.

When you put a property on the market you get one shot to make a good first impression to your key audience– buyers and their realtors. We understand what buyers are looking for because we work with them every day. Because the internet is the primary way these buyers are looking for a home, we need to make sure that your online photos look beautiful. Otherwise, we won’t get buyers in the door.

To this end, we may make some recommendations to you in order to help you prepare the house for sale. If necessary, we will address issues such as underground oil tanks, pre-sale home inspections, and cosmetic improvements such as painting, carpeting and home staging. Whether you need a handyman, roofer or somewhere to donate old books and furniture, we have a stable of experts who can help you with all of the preparations.

Because we know the competing inventory and comparable sales we will review these in detail and together we will decide on a price position for your home. In today’s market, proper pricing is the key to maximizing profits. Buyers know how to recognize value and over-priced homes will sit on the market netting their sellers less from the sale.

We will go over with you our marketing plan for your home. You will have a clear understanding of our calendar for the first few weeks including taking professional photos of your home, uploading your home’s information and photos on the Garden State MLS and other key real estate websites such as, Zillow, Trulia, etc., creating a custom URL, floor plans and virtual tour for your home, writing and producing a glossy printed brochure which is also down-loadable and letting the real estate community know about your property. We will schedule an open house just for realtors and, if you desire, schedule a public open house as well.

We will keep you updated on showings and feedback from buyers and their realtors on an ongoing basis. We will also keep you current on any competing inventory in the market place and tell you what’s moving. We can use these sources of information to tweak our course of action if needed.

Once you have an offer or offers on the table, we manage the process of qualifying the buyers(s) and negotiation. This is where the importance of having realtors like us really becomes important. Because we are on your side from A to Z, we negotiate with your best interest at heart and we never forget that our fiduciary duty is to you– the client.

Once you come to terms with a buyer, we will work with your attorney to resolve any issues that arise out of the home inspection. Sometimes it takes creative thinking to come up with a solution that benefits not only you but your buyer as well. We will keep in touch with your attorney to make sure that your buyer provides his/her deposit and obtains his/her appraisal and mortgage commitment in accordance with the contract of sale.

Then it’s on to the closing and a new chapter in your life.

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