BCA monthI believe that cancer has impacted all of us. I can speak from personal experience that when my husband was diagnosed it was a life changer.

I recently met three-time survivor of breast cancer–West Orange, NJ native Barbara Hauke–who took a job with AFLAC because AFLAC actually sells cancer care policies, which was the first I ever heard about such protection. Their policy is designed to provide cash benefits during covered cancer treatments. Such a policy can also help protect your income and savings from expenses that aren’t covered by your major medical coverage, including:

1. out-of-pocket medical expenses
2. out-of-network specialists
3. experimental cancer treatment
4. travel and lodging when treatments are far from home
5. child care and household help
6. normal living expenses that you may need help with while coping with your recovery”

Barbara Hauke is a breast cancer survivor and very familiar with all of this. It has been 15 years since and she considers herself very lucky. She is a great person and resource if you or someone you know in the Maplewood, NJ area needs to talk about the experiences associated with finding out you have cancer, dealing with treatments, etc. You can give her a call at 973-715-7583 if you have any questions or need any advice.

Allison Ziefert, Keller Williams MidTown Direct Realty, Maplewood, NJ www.bestnjtowns.com