8 Signs You're Ready to Start Your Search For A Home In Maplewood, NJ

The idea of searching for a new home can be both intimidating and exciting. While the concept of a bigger space or a new neighborhood may be inviting, actually finding the right neighborhood to move into could be challenging. However, when a neighborhood is right then small signs may help to determine whether your interest in the area is more than just an infatuation. Here are eight signs that may mean you are ready to start your search for a home in Maplewood, New Jersey.

  • Searching Zillow/Trulia for homes in a particular zip code- 07040 – While searching for an area in New Jersey may be common, narrowing it down to a zip code may show a higher interest than usual. If your Zillow or Trulia searches tend to focus on zip code 07040 then Maplewood may be subliminally calling to you.
  • Wondering what the Maplewood jitney is and where the jitney stops – Commuting to and from the train station is an everyday task for many people and in Maplewood the jitney, a town run shuttle bus that services many neighborhoods, can make this easier. It saves commuters from finding parking at train station, which is limited and can also allow some people to only own one car. If you find yourself wondering where the jitney stops are related to a particular property and calculating your commute times based on the train and jitney schedule searching or have looked at Maplewood jitney service on a regular basis then you may have Maplewood on the brain.
  • Checking on commute times on NJ Transit to/from your place of work – In Maplewood we have the benefit of train service to Penn Station and to Hoboken, where you can transfer to PATH or ferries to lower Manhattan.  Searching for commute times on  NJ Transit to and from your place of work is only common for those living in or interested in the area. Have you recently found yourself searching for commute times on the NJ transit website? This could mean that you are coming down with Maplewood fever. It may be best to contact your local realtor to discuss symptoms immediately.
  • Asking friends and co-workers their impressions of the town – Although Googling an area may not necessarily show a dire interest to live there, asking friends and co-workers what they think about the location shows an importance of that area in your mind. If you find yourself redirecting conversations towards Maplewood then this could mean that you have a yearning to be there.
  • Comparing school data and the elementary school’s PTA websites – slight interest in Maplewood is one thing but searching the to compare school data could show that you mean business. For more information about each school, school PTAs and NJ Dept. of Education School report cards please visit: http://blog.bestnjtowns.com/south-orange-and-maplewood-schools/
  • Scouring the Village Green for news and info on Maplewood – Have you visited the Village Green lately to read up about Maplewood? This hyperlocal news site is a great addition to the town. A sudden interest may indicate that you’re longing to live there.
  • Eating at Arturo’s and deciding if their pizza is better than your local pizzeria’s – Available food in the area may be a contributing factor to the location of your new home. If you have taken the time to go out of your way and eat at Arturo’s Osteria and Pizzeria then this is a huge sign that you may be seriously considering a future in Maplewood. If you eat at Arturo’s and try their Margherita pizza then give up the search and pack your bags immediately you are moving to Maplewood!
  • Wondering if you will fit in – Everybody wants to fit in. However, yearning to fit into the town that you aren’t apart of yet is a clear sign of Maplewood envy. If you relive your middle school years every time Maplewood crosses your thoughts, then this is a big sign that it could be the location for you! Rest assured that Maplewood is a very welcoming place for all kinds of people. That’s what makes it so interesting to live here.

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