holiday decorations

Now that things have slowed down a bit and we are heading into the New Year, we decided to reflect on what we love about this season. Because decorating is such a huge part of the holiday season, we thought we would share some of our favorite holiday decorations. We found that some of the simplest, sentimental decorations are what make the season truly magical.


Well, I don’t have a tree, but if I did I would hang these antique trinkets that I had bought on a trip to Yugoslavia when I was in college. I recently found them when I was cleaning out my Mom’s house, and they brought back wonderful memories of that trip. I believe they ward off the evil eye, right?

Another favorite is this modern menorah that my parents gave me from their house. We had used it every year when I was growing up. I love it’s unusual design, and I was so happy to use it during my family’s Hanukkah celebration this year!


I love Christmas. I love getting a tree. I love how festive a tree makes a home. I especially love unboxing and hanging tiny memories each time we decorate our tree. Our decorating collection started 11 years ago and has grown each year. We started with a couple of boxes of silver baubles and little pink baubles. Each year we have bought one new ornament each and received many additional ornaments as lovely gifts.

Here are some of my favorites: I love the pictures of our little smooch, our Maplewood ornament (no one does swag like our town), Mary Poppins (all time fave movie), the wine bottle (which was purchased to replace a Union Jack ornament that broke when our tree fell over last year) and the sparkly deer (broken three times since I bought it after flying to visit my godson before Christmas one year).

Thank you Christmas for wonderful memories.








One of my favorite holiday decorations is this handmade ornament from a family friend that brings back many wonderful memories. Given with love, this ornament is a replica of my daughter in her early years. This hand-painted ornament from Russia was also given to me as a gift. It is another favorite that brings back memories of happy family times together. And this Maple Leaf was given to me when I moved to Maplewood. It always reminds me of the special town that welcomed me with open arms.













I have been collecting ornaments from the time I had my very first Christmas tree while living in Hoboken. The tree was a bit sparse that year, but it was still beautiful. Each year since, I have been adding ornaments to my collection. I have silver bells, many Waterford and Lenox ornaments, grapes from a trip to California wine country, birds, carousel animals and too many others to detail. All the ornaments on my tree tell a story and all are important to me.

One of my favorite ornaments was made by my daughter when she was only three years old. I have treasured that ornament ever since and always hang it in a place of honor. Another favorite is this hand-painted Santa. He was a special purchase on a shopping trip many years ago, and he always makes me smile because he looks so happy and jovial. My mom made this tiny needlepoint stocking for me many years ago. And I love this paper snowflake that we found 30 years ago in the Catskills on a trip for our first wedding anniversary.