How To Find A NJ Home With Easy Commuter Access To NYCFinding a new home can be a challenge, but finding a home that allows you to commute to work makes that challenge even harder. This is often a huge consideration for New Jersey residents who commute daily to New York City. While a new move can mean many things, searching for a new job should not have to be one of them. New York City’s close proximity to several New Jersey towns such as Maplewood and South Orange makes commuting much simpler than you might think. Before you begin updating your résumé, take a moment to learn how you can find a New Jersey home with easy commuter access to New York City!

1. Search for public transportation routes. Sometimes the best answer is the simplest. When it comes to commuting, this concept is no different. Searching for public transportation options and mapping out your route will give you a high-level view of what your daily commute might look like. The NJ Transit website will provide you with an estimated arrival time by simply selecting the departure location and destination location. In fact, most transportation times from Maplewood to New York Penn Station are 45 minutes or less!

2. Use a GPS or web-mapping service. Figuring out your proximity to any local highways that run to New York City from your hometown or how long your walk to the train or jitney stop will be is a great way to deduce whether or not the commute time will work for your situation. Free online tools such Google Maps provide detailed directions and estimated commute times by foot, bike or car that will paint a picture of your travel time each day. MapQuest provides a list of several route options for you to choose from with the fastest time of about 36 minutes or 16.1 miles from South Orange to New York City. This leaves you plenty of time to stop by the Grid Iron Waffle shop for their famous waffles before your daily commute!

3. Determine if your new home is close to a major highway. Getting to know your area is important before you decide to purchase a new home. Local grocery stores, access to entertainment, and crime rates are just a few things to think about before making a move. However, choosing a location with access to major highways or roads may influence your decision when deciding on whether or not a potential home will make you happy. Taking the time to research highways and roads that run through your area will prevent a lot of headaches at a later time. Both Maplewood and South Orange are within close proximity to Routes 78, 280 and the Garden State Parkway.

4. Ask around. Sometimes asking a resident who lives in the area you are interested in moving to is a great way to figure out the approximate length of your daily commute. Although online tools are available to give you an idea of daily commute, these tools are often black and white, providing no details or tips that are specific to your situation. Asking a resident in that area who actually commutes to New York City will provide perspective on things that may not have been considered, such as road conditions, school bus schedules in the area, and busy traffic times that will help you determine if the commute will work as well as piece together a daily travel plan if you decide to make the move. If you are uncomfortable reaching out to a potential neighbor on your own, ask your Realtor to connect you with some residents they know in the area who make the commute. Who knows? Maybe your new friend will even carpool!

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